Saturday, October 15, 2011


Let's get real. My Saturdays are less-than dreamy.

Dan's business is booming right now (good) - which means I'm "flying solo" with Ingrid Friday night and all Saturday. Honestly, it's really fun, it's just a little overwhelming at times. Cons include: Hauling the stroller/bags/Ingrid/Harper everywhere. Pros include: catching up on "my shows" and eating little no-fuss meals.

Today, I totally judged the cereal box by its cover - and bought this: 


I'm in love with this packaging.

And the little Honey Nut Toasty O's are awesomely perfect with some milk, a sleeping Ingrid, a tired Harper and a DVR full of Gossip Girl (Ugh, Charlie's back) and Project Runway (Starting to love Kimberly) and The Final Book of THE HUNGER GAMES (What happens with Katniss!? I'm dying). 

Cheers to a relaxing and uneventful Saturday night!

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