Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Two Months

When Ingrid turned 6 weeks old, it's like someone gave us a new baby. She started smiling, cooing, batting little toys and talking. She already loves to babble to me and her toys (the toys get all of the good stories). Big news - she's now sleeping in her crib, for stretches of 5-8 hours at a time (most likely, 5). Ah-mazing! 

We're enjoying the summer while Dan is off making the big bucks etching and getting ready for a series of art fairs. Here's what we've been up to: 

Ready for New Mom Group - Harper is sad to see us go.
This Monday networking group has been my sanity-saver and Ingrid gets to chill with other babies. Win-win. 

Hanging out with Dad after a bath. 

Milk-drunk/fighting sleep. 

Ingrid's favorite - hitting her little owl friends. 

I don't know what to think of you, rattle-bird. 

Ahh, your first visit to a bar - at 6 weeks, how "Wisconsin" of you. Seriously though, this was for my best friend's college graduation party - everyone was happy she attended.

We packed up the Newborn clothes and busted out the 0-3 months. Enter dresses, dresses and more dresses. 

First (of many) road trips! Off to see Grandma and Grandpa Atkinson in LaCrosse. 

"Hiking" (walking a quarter mile) along the bluffs in LaCrosse. 

Can I look any more awkward? I'll put my hands down at my sides, that will look normal. Painful. 

Dining alfresco at The Root Note in downtown LaCrosse. I guess I CAN look more awkward! But look at how cute Ingrid is?  And those little long fingers! I digress. 

Happy or pissed? 
 I'm looking forward to the start of summer in Bay View - Chill on the Hill starts tonight and in a few weeks, the South Shore Farmer's market. Fests, camping, good food, drinks, sun and a cute baby - I think we're in store for a good summer! 

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  1. Oh Lindsay, you look wonderful! Motherhood becomes you. I'm amazed by how much you guys are doing already. I swear I rarely left my house with my first born until he was 6 months old! She is quite adorable and I can't wait to see more pictures and all the dresses! (I have a bow and dress fetish myself!)


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