Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Fit for an Infant

Three years ago, I would have never imagined that one of our bedrooms would become a nursery.

"The green room" has been home to our friend who needed a place to crash between college graduation and starting his first job, then it was Dan's office and since November, we've been transforming it into a baby-friendly room.

Make way for the crib.
Bye bye college-esk tapestry.

I have a slight obsession with looking at pretty, fancy things - gardens in Martha Stewart LIVING, shoes on Piperlime.com, you get it. As my wardrobe turned into elastic-waist everything, I shifted from paging through Anthropologie catalogs to searching baby sites and catalogs. I was drawn to bright, nature/owl-inspired items:

From designsponge.com

Chalk-tree idea from Serenaandlily.com

Embracing the "bright" - from weedecor.com

We started with this bright green color, touched up the trim and added all of the necessary "baby stuff." This room is hand-me-down central - but can you really tell? The crib, dresser, bedding, glider, bassinet, monitor, boppy (and so much more) were given or sold to us from friends and coworkers.

Everything "clicked" when I bought this bedding from my coworker in Alabama. Try finding a gender-neutral set that isn't out-of-this-world expensive and/or cheesy - it's not easy! Everything else just fell into place.

Love this bedding!

We rent - so the last thing I want to do when we move is paint. Chalk + artist-husband = chalk-tree.

Work in progress. 
I work for a home decor company and fell in love with these organizing buckets, clock, little lanterns and magnetic boards:

These handy cubes saved our lack of storage issues.

Need to do a few touch-ups here - all and all - I love this room!

I think I've started to "nest." Throughout the day, I'll feel the need to just "be" in this room. Sometimes I'll refold little onesies or retie the bumpers or rearrange something - but most of the time, I just sit in the glider and think about how different our lives will be in less than an month.


  1. Great job, I love the nursery and how it all turned out. What a lucky little Atkinson! The vision of you in the glider makes me smile -- you're going to be a wonderful mom.

  2. How precious! I remember nesting with my first pregnancy. In fact, I had my first contractions in my glider...before I even knew what they were...as I was sorting baby toys he would not use for months! Just today I was wondering if now is the time to part with that glider rocker (he is 8)...that sweet memory will make me hold on a bit longer I think!

  3. Nesting is such a very special time!!
    Sweet, Sweet memories - with Nutmeg at my feet.
    I absolutely LOVE that room.
    Both of you will make wonderful parents!

  4. Ugh. Could you be any cuter?? I love the room and your comments. Oh, the college tapestry! xoxo.

  5. Wow. Wow. Wow. I LOVE the nursery. It looks amazing. Cute. Cozy. Perfect. Seeing this makes me long to have had the chance to create a nursery. With all three of our kids we just put a bassinet and changing table in our room and they stayed there for a couple years! But a true nursery...how sweet.


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