Sunday, February 6, 2011

Milwaukee Pride, Myth Busters & Memories from Out West

I was checking out Design Sponge yesterday and stumbled upon Graphic USA - An Alternative Guide to 25 US Cities - and good ol' Mil-town made the cut. Then as I read the list of cities, I tilted my head and gave my computer screen a pouty-sad-face.

Ziggy Hanaor's Graphic USA: An Alternative Guide to Milwaukee

In 2009, Dan and I fell head-over-heals in love during our two week road-trip adventure. I had a serious crush on The West. The beauty of the National Parks blew us away and I felt as if these people were speaking my language everything just fit. So, when we planned our wedding in August, we decided to honeymoon in Oregon. We planned to spend some time in Portland, then road-trip to some Oregon and Washington parks. Obviously, (and thankfully!) plans change. But, I haven't bumped Portland from its top spot on the "To Visit" list - as a few moms recently busted these two popular baby-myths:

Myth #1: Once you have a baby, your dog will drop from "family-member" status to "just a dog." 
Can you believe some people - and websites - actually recommend ignoring your dog prior to the baby's arrival? Thankfully, several moms debunked this myth and state that they love their dogs just the same, but obviously baby is number one.

Myth #2: Once you have a baby, you can't go anywhere or do anything. 
True, I'm assuming you can't go everywhere, but I've witnessed actual parents (with or without their children in public. And the majority of them aren't surrounded by "Kathy-comic-frantic-squiggle-lines."

I have yet to understand exactly how this little bambino will change our life - but until chickpea Atkinson is ready for the Oregon adventure, we'll happily explore our quality neighborhood, Bay View.    

Memories from Out West
Touring Jewel Cave - near the Badlands and Custer State Park in South Dakota.

Waiting for Old Faithful to do its thing at Yellowstone

Horseback riding at Grand Tetons National Park, Wyoming - my favorite place ever!


Dave Matthews at The Gorge, Washington.

In Denver visiting the Parkers

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