Wednesday, February 9, 2011

All Stressed Out With Nothing To Do...

What do you do when you: 
  • Are going to lose your job in seven weeks?
  • Are going to have a baby in seven weeks?
  • Have no idea what to do about day care?
  • Have no idea what to do about insurance?
  • Run out of gas on the Hoan bridge (besides hunch over in embarrassment)?
  • Hear some size-0-14-week-pregnant girl complain about neck pain in prenatal yoga...
  • Get into a fender-bender with five month pregnant chick who doesn't have insurance (while on your way to prenatal yoga...)
  • Notice your dog has a weird eye irritation? (Look, Harper's winking! Forever...)
What do you do? Why - you throw yourself a gool ol' fashion pity party!

Except when dealing with the 14-week prego. You glare with a look that says "Really, your neck hurts? Really? I'm only carrying a four-pound soccer ball in my uterus - but lets forget about me and the other five woman who are at least six months pregnant and focus on your non-existent-to-mild neck pain!"

Back to me and my pity party.

I hate throwing them. Yes, sometimes they can be therapeutic, but most of the time, they just perpetuate the "whoa is me" sob session.

This morning as I was driving over the Hoan bridge - looking at Lake Michigan (just like in the movies) - I really thought about my job "situation" as a true opportunity. I've been so stressed because I've delayed the job search and application process - no desire to purchase a maternity appropriate interview outfit and kindly explain that I'd love to start in July. I've been stuck in this weird non-action-mode and I hate(d) it.

I need to take this opportunity and be patient that I'll find the right opportunity - and possibly get to live out my dream of being a part-time barista at Starbucks (I'm not kidding).

"Patience is bitter, but the fruit is sweet." Lida Clarkson

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